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The snow on the ground may fool you, but Spring semester 2020 has officially started here at Wells. If you’re like me and looking for something to do this syllabus week, then it’s time to start some spring cleaning! It’s a fresh semester, a fresh year, and a fresh decade so let’s start off without any baggage.


The best way to start spring cleaning is by recycling all your old school papers and notes (if you don’t need them anymore) from last semester. This can be pretty cathartic because it cleans up space in your room and erases all the stress of finals. Guess what? You don’t have to think about any of those classes again.


Now that a new semester has begun, you should also be thinking of your new schedule and classes. Syllabus week is exciting because you get to go to class and be productive without any of the actual work associated with school.


The next spring cleaning thing you’ll want to do is go through all your stuff and find what you don’t want anymore. Ask yourself, does having this bring me joy? If the answer’s no, donate it or even give it to a friend!


You should also go through all of your clothes and ask yourself if you’re actually wearing this, or just like having it. Instead of throwing out your old clothes or stuff, try donating it to a local charity or clothing drive. A lot of times you can even sell old clothes at local thrift stores.


Another way to spring clean is to reevaluate your space. Rearranging a room can make it seem completely different and bring it new life. You can even use a whiteboard to sketch out what you might want to do with your room. Remember space is key in a dorm room so don’t be afraid to stack your stuff up for more floor space.


Beginnings can set the tone for the rest of the year, so make sure you start your spring off right!


Amy Storti

Wells '21

Wells College Class of 2021 English Literature Major
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