The People You'll Find: Inner Peace Edition

As much as I’d love to talk about how much finals week is crushing me, I figured I’d instead talk about some of the thing’s (or people?) that have been getting me through this torturous time.


Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols is this awesome woman I found on Instagram somehow and she has almost single-handedly changed my life in the past month. She creates these amazing images by inviting people to submit their stories to her website and then making art inspired by what they send her. Her posts on her Instagram have uplifted my spirits immensely and give me a sense of hope that everything is going to be okay.

Morgan also has a text reminder thread from Remind Updates that allows her to send whoever is subscribed a message every so often as a text message. If you’d like to receive these text reminders, you can follow this website link to sign up for them!

The Artidote

I first found The Artidote as a platform on Facebook dedicated to bringing attention to mental health awareness by using art. I personally love this page because the art is literally so beautiful and the words that the author posts are always filled with so much honesty and vulnerability.

I share these posts a lot on my facebook because of how much I enjoy reading them. A lot of the time after I read them, I end up thinking about them later in the day because of how impactful they feel at the time. If you’d like to learn more about the art and the author the link to the website is here.



The Instagram page @bymariandrew is run by a woman Mari Andrew who also has a website. I love this page because of the content she posts. The majority is small snippets of her life, but she expresses them in the most honorable way, through a lens of vulnerability and passion by lists and mind mapping. I can almost always relate to them and I love sharing and saving them.



Ali Beckman, the Instagram user behind the account @soflytaxidermy is one of my very favorite accounts. Note this account is not for anyone who *hates* bugs because it’s a lot (!!) of dead bugs. However, this account is definitely for anyone who loves puns. I think they are really creative and full of wholeheartedness.  

I’ve enjoyed these platforms in ways that are hard to explain. Each of these accounts posts every day and I think that every single person should pay attention to them. That being said, I hope you’re crushing finals week and practicing self-love even when there’s no time to. Make time. Follow these accounts, paint your nails, read your favorite children’s book, listen to your favorite album while you work. Whatever you need to spend some time on you; keep up the good work.