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I try to take on as much as I can because I need to do this. 

I need to be busy and prioritize others before myself. 

Not others only as in people but class, work, writing, sleeping, partying. 

Why don’t I sit down and relax? 

My head is giving migraines while my body is limping and then I have to prioritize them. 

But then to get into law school I have to read and write and write and read and work and read and work and type but never relax.  

Then to be cool, I have to be polite or play around but then when I get tired of playing around and become deadass serious it’s always “you can’t take a joke?”

It becomes a “you’re fucking with me?” 

It develops into a “You sure you don’t want to?” 

So when I prioritize myself and stand up for myself it’s my fault because it always turns out to be the fault of someone who is tired of pretending. 

Then like I said when I play around and pretend too much I’m aggressive but when I show my feminine side I’m too soft. 

But then when I don’t want to talk I’m too quiet. 

I’m overworked and this is all making me tired. 

a ha ha – I'm just a college student and im happy with my life