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So here we are at the halfway point in our spring semester. I always feel like spring semester moves faster than the fall. Maybe it’s because we’re closer to the end. Or maybe it’s because warm weather is fleeting here at Wells and the fall semester represents a descent into a wintry darkness where the unthawing of the spring semester is like pulling teeth. Maybe.


As we are nearing the end of this mild winter, we are fast approaching the end of the semester. It can be really hard to pull your head up from your current assignment to see where we’re at in the semester, but it’s important to think about the long-term. And the long term is only 8 more weeks.


8 weeks. 8 short weeks until we’re all released from academia for the summer. If you’re having trouble seeing the light at the end of the semester, just think of it like this: 8 more weeks. 8 more Mondays and 8 more Fridays. 8 more seminar classes.


Here’s some tips to keep in mind as you try to hold onto the remainder of your motivation this semester:


Spend time with your friends to relax and destress (remember there’s only 8 weekends left). One thing you’re going to miss about college is your friends who you only see at school.


Spend time outside enjoying the (ever so slow) unthawing of spring! Grass is visible, the lake has unfrozen, so take some time to enjoy the great outdoors!


Spend time doing nothing at all. Whether that’s playing on your phone or sitting outside in nature, sometimes ‘nothing’ is the best stress relief!


In our society, people typically feel like time is valuable and that time should be used as productively as possible. But here’s the thing, it’s not a waste if you’re using your time to relax and recharge! You can’t be as productive as possible if you’re stressed and have no down time. In order to be our most productive selves, sometimes we need a little rest and relaxation so don’t be afraid to indulge on it this spring break.


Amy Storti

Wells '21

Wells College Class of 2021 English Literature Major
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