A Masterlist of Wholesome™ Things (collab with Nash)

It's the wholesome things that keep me going. They can either range from being something I will love forever and ever or something I encounter on my daily scroll through Instagram.

What are wholesome things, you ask? Well, I’d be happy to share some with you. But for a more clear definition: They are cute, happy things that fill you with all the fluffy feels.


So, I decided to team up with Nash and share the things we find wholesome to generate a positive environment here in my little Her Campus article space (haha, that was very meta of you, Kenzie).



  • Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

A very wholesome enemies to lovers type of book. 10/10 recommend. 

  • Love, Simon movie 

  • Webcomics (specifically Heartstopper by Alice Osemen)

  • Artwork like this

  • Listening to The Bleachers

  • Watching pet videos 

  • Receiving a “this reminded me of you” text from a friend

  • Atypical

Specifically watching it with friends via Netflix Party 

  • Fanart of something you love

  • Wildflowers

  • Random phone calls

When they are from friends who want to tell you something they are excited about (and being able to listen to the excitement in their voice)

  • Textposts like this

  • The Grind on a sunny day

  • When your ship gets into a healthy relationship

  • Talking to my dog

  • The Wells bells (played by none other than Nash Nash)

  • Love, unconditional and raw love

  • Watching people do little things with themselves, like winking at themself in a mirror and smiling

  • Tea Time

We hope you all are well and allowing yourself to enjoy those wholesome things. 

Until next semester,