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Louise Hay Affirmations that I Live By

Lately, I’ve been relying on the affirmations of Louise Hay (1926-2017), a motivational author and founder of the Hay House. Louise Hay is teaching me how to self-love through her tactics of mirror work. In mirror work you stand in front of a mirror and repeat affirmations to yourself. These seemingly cheesy phrases are actually really powerful and have really gotten me on the road to self-love. Loving yourself can be really tough to do, but with enough effort, you can get there. You may think repeating these phrases won’t fix anything, but I recommend giving mirror work a try. If you change your mindset, you can change anything.

My Top Louise Hay Affirmations:

  1. “I am in the process of positive change”

  2. “I accept my power”

  3. “I love every cell in my body”

  4. “I forgive myself and set myself free”

  5. “My happy thoughts help me create my healthy body”

  6. “The past is over”

  7. “I am at home in my body”

  8. “I am healthy, whole, and complete”

  9. “I welcome new ideas”

  10. “I am in harmony with nature”

  11. “Loving others is easy when you love and accept yourself”

  12. “I spend time with positive and energetic people”

  13. “Today, no person, place, or thing can irritate and annoy me. I am at peace.”

  14. “I am willing to change”

  15. “I am on an ever-changing journey”

  16. “My healing is already in process”

  17. “I am constantly finding new ways to improve my health”

  18. “ I am in charge, I now take my own power back”

  19. “I return to the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.”

  20. “I release all negative thoughts of the past and all worries about the future

* I’ve even hung some above my bed, so affirmation is the first thing I see when I wake up each morning, I highly recommend this! *

Through recovering from an eating disorder myself, these affirmations have done a lot for me. I encourage you to start your day with some mirror-work; affirm yourself, and love yourself. That’s the first step to transforming your life.

  Kaylen, a Campus Correspondent for HC at Wells, is a senior at Wells College studying Women's and Gender Studies and Psychology.  "Like Ivy, we grew where there was room for us"-Miranda July
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