How to Focus on Happy Thoughts

Hey friends! I decided to share some things from my “Happy Book.” A couple of years ago I found a fun little book that said: “Sunshine Makes Me Happy.” It inspired me to write all of the things that made me smile each day down in the notebook. Taking some time out each day (or at times, each week) to think about what has brought me happiness has helped me stay mindful and present, as well as grateful for all of the warmth and love I have in my life. It is a joy to look back through it every now and then, as I did for this article. Check the list below to see some of the things that made me smile over the last two years. I hope they make you smile too!  

1. 10/2/18-Mini Pumpkins A couple of years ago I went on one of many Fall drives. I came across a small pumpkin stand created by people who wore flannel shirts and hearty smiles. Amongst other things were zucchini, mums, and larger pumpkins. However, it was the miniature pumpkins that caught my eye. They were darling, and I just had to buy some for my professors and friends. 

2. 11/26/18-A Black Friday Tradition I work at a store that sells children’s clothing. It was Black Friday. I was cashing out one customer and asked her if she had a lot of other places to shop. She told me she did not plan on staying out long today. She also mentioned how she and her grandmother used to make cookies on Black Friday in lieu of going out. I thought that was a wonderful tradition, and matched what the holiday spirit is supposed to be: being close to the ones you love.

3. 1/10/19 The Sweet Customer At this same children’s store I was cashing out a woman who needed to spend twenty more cents in order to earn a ten dollar coupon. She looked at the man and his five-year-old niece standing in line behind her. She told him she would pay for a headband for his “adorable little niece” if they went to go pick one out. How kind!

4. 2/19/19 The Skater Boy In the Wegmans parking lot there was an old man who was using his shopping cart like a skateboard. I love it when older people still explore the world with childlike wonder! He made me smile.

5. 5/5/19 Chips  My college has vending machines around campus. I was going to buy something from one and leave it there for the next person to take. I go to do so, look down in the machine, and see someone has already done that! 

6. 7/9/19 Tea Leftovers The women in my family sometimes get together and have tea parties. My mom and I hosted one that day. That night we had the leftovers and watched Downton Abbey together. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

7. 9/19/19 The matching outfit My professor saw that she and I were both wearing orange that day. She exclaimed “Hey! We match! Look at that!” Her reaction was so pure, she was so excited. It brightened up my day!

8. 11/10/19 The quick encounter  I was in the parking lot waiting for a takeout order. A chipper young man runs out, quickly turning around and SKIPPING back in. He proceeds to SKIP back out. He was wearing pants, a red bowtie, and suspenders. This was overdressed compared to the rest of the company he was with. It was adorable, and his happiness was contagious. 

9. 1/7/20 The Yellow Moped This guy rides around my town in a yellow moped. I see him with his bright vehicle in the dollar store. In the back of his moped, he has a bluetooth speaker that is playing oldies rock music. He was shopping like a boss. It made my whole day.

10. 2/20/20 The Sunflower When I went to the library to pick up a book I saw a bike parked out front with a sunflower attached to one of its handlebars. It made the sunny day even brighter than before!

Getting a Happy Book has not only helped me to think of the positive things in life on the daily, but has also been a wonderful thing to look at when I am feeling down. The best part is it only takes a few minutes every day to jot happy thoughts in! I am excited to start a new one when this one gets filled up.