Erasure Poem of Nikki Haley's Speech at the R.N.C.


Nikki Haley: 


Good evening 

I’m the American 

Not u 


I don’t always put America first 

United States 

A place where dictators 

Put their hands on America. President Trump rejected America. 


This president has a record of 

weakness and failure and he’s 

abandoned our values.


Donald Trump tells the world that 

we cut, we slashed. 


America has failed. 

Kill working families. 


President Trump has set us back.

Economy is dangerous, 

America is racist. America is a racist country. 


Immigrants’ lives matter not. 

It was like this. 


We turn against each other

together we removed a 

divisive symbol. 


What happened

to America. It’s time 

this president falls apart. 


Thank you.