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Dear Freshman Me,

You don’t have to be friends with the first people you meet.
You don’t have to stay roommates with your first roommate…or second…
You don’t have to study your original major or minor.
You don’t have to know what you’re doing 100% of the time.

It’s okay to not know.
It’s okay to ask for help.
It’s okay to hide away in your room for some much-needed me-time.
It’s okay to be selfish.

You can say no to your neighbor who keeps asking you to go to their event.
You can say no to your classmate who wants you to help them study.
You can say no to your best friend who wants to hang out when you’re drowning in work.
You can say no to anyone without reason or guilt.

Write that paper at 2 AM if you’re a night person.
Binge-watch that show for the fifth time if it helps you get work done.
Take that random class that caught your eye in the course search.
Find at least one friend along the way.

Stay true to yourself, and you’ll make it just fine.

Senior You

A human who sometimes writes things
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