The Cycle to Ourselves

The world is not as linear as we were taught.... actually, it's not linear at all.

Circular. Everything is a product of the circle of life. We come into a world full of cycles, as we shift through seasons, moon cycles, the rising and setting sun, life and death, and transition, bringing us in tune to ourselves and our environment.

We can’t exist in our environment without it influencing us and us influencing it. This is a mutual relationship; the world will become what we put into it.

Our bodies don’t know themselves outside of the environment they’re in. They don’t know much else other than the cycles they’re accustomed to. Wake and sleep. Night and day. Summer and winter. Our bodies feed off of their environment. They’re nourished from the products of the earth, changing our chemical balances, giving the body and the soul the energy it needs to continue interacting with its environment.

Life and death sound very linear. But what comes next? We’re not just no longer there, because we are, just in a capacity that we can understand at this point in time. We’ve spent our livelihood interacting with this world, changing its response to its course of action. To dissipate, to become unwritten is not possible in this relationship. 

I’ll continue this life, knowing that once my body has cycled through its seasons and cycles, it will return to the Earth, from which it has sprouted. It will feed the ground that has fed me. It will create new life, ricocheting its effects to what has yet to come. 

It will come full circle, bringing us beyond what we know… for we are not immune to the rebirth, cycling us back to ourselves.