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Christine Johnson-Alexander: Founder of NickyGotBundles

Name: Christine Johnson-Alexander

Job Title and Description: Founder and CEO of NickyGotBundles

College/Major: Wells College, Sociology and Anthropology

Website: www.nickygotbundles.com

Instagram Handle: @nickygotbundles


Could you talk about your time at Wells College and the goals you had while in attendance?

Christine Johnson-Alexander: My time at Wells was one of great reflection. Through this experience, I was able to leave with a better understanding of myself. My goals included graduating on time, creating a space of comfort within my chosen field of study, and to figure out exactly what my talents were. During my senior year, I went through many trials and tribulations that tested my will. I had to discipline myself and realized that nobody could support my goals and dreams unless I did first. Graduating on time wasn’t just something I wanted, I demanded this of myself. There was no way I would leave my institution, paying so much money without finishing what I started.

What inspired you to start this business?

CJA: My inspiration comes from the constant energy of black excellence being shown. Once I left Wells I found myself asking “what’s next?” I went to college to receive a degree in a field I may work in for a few years but nothing I saw myself doing forever. Thanks to the skills I developed in research and communication, I was readily able to create something great and unique to impact a community of people. Through all aspects of black culture, people are learning to embrace art and the desire to be successful.

How did you start your business?

CJA: It started with an idea. Hair is such a lucrative industry with many layers to peel and benefit from. There is such a high demand for hair bundles as it is widely used for expression and promotes individuality. As the natural hair movement is still growing tremendously, it was time to take action so we started communicating with vendors and built our website. After much research and hair testing, we were able to bring the idea to life, creating NickyGotBundles! Outside of being an entrepreneur, I am a temp Resident Service Coordinator for the Housing Authority of the City of Hartford. I help families, elderly, and disabled people live their lives independently through health and wellness. Supporting about 550 to 800 units by providing activities and events to improve livelihood in low-income housing.

Who were the people that supported you as you created your brand?

CJA: Support came in different ways. Our hair vendor really showed us the benefits of being self-made and how our lives could potentially change with this business venture. Of course, we got support from friends and family, but we really had to believe in ourselves for this to truly come to life. Making this business a reality became apart of our daily mantra. After reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, desire backed by faith became the driving factor in being able to achieve everything up to this point.

What message would you like to send to the world about your business?

CJA: NickyGotBundles is not just hair. We sell consistency, great customer service, and quality. There are some projects in the works as we speak with the sole purpose of building this brand and figuring out new ways to penetrate the market. Our company gives an authentic feel to what it really means to think of yourself as beautiful. We uplift and stand by our truths. Take this journey with us as we scale and grow into a multi-faceted company! We hope to expand into not only hair bundles, but NickyGotBundles merchandise and eyelashes! This exciting transition only pushes us more towards making this brand a driving force in the health and beauty industry.

What’s next for NickyGotBundles?

CJA: We are looking to start a merchandise line of unique pieces ranging from dad caps to shorts. These pieces will embody the new age of subjective black art. We will also be attending events where customers will be able to sample and purchase the hair and dates will be announced shortly on our Instagram @nickygotbundles. You can keep up with us at NickyGotbundles.com where we will be documenting our journey along with unveiling updates on merch and other goodies!

Darielis is a senior at Wells College, majoring in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in Communication Studies. She usually can't go mornings without at least one cup of Café Bustelo. She is also often found dedicating time to Her Campus at Wells as the Co-Campus Correspondent. Ideally, in the future she would be a travel blogger, an investigative journalist, a freelance writer or perhaps all of the above. Hobbies include Netflix binges, reading horoscopes, and yoga. 
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