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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Wells chapter.

I have no idea what happened last month but, life went to shit. 


It seems like everyone’s mental health went down the tube and the workload is so overwhelming, how could you not want to give up?


I’m here to tell you though… Don’t give up. I know you can do this!


I, too, struggle with mental health issues. Every week I have to see a counselor to stay sane, but even that doesn’t seem like enough. I’m in a constant state of fear, anxiety, and depression. Even looking at my work or talking to people has been causing me panic attacks. It sucks; we can understand what we’re all going through.


But, just because life might be a mess right now, doesn’t mean you won’t make it through.


Just remember how far you’ve come so far. You’re in college. That’s a feat all on its own! Being in college, going to classes and completing assignments are all something to be proud of! Did you get out of bed today? I’m proud of you!


Make sure you don’t stress about the big-picture items (like those finals or graduation), focus on the little steps first. You wrote a page today for that paper due next week? You deserve a break! You went to class today even though you really weren’t feeling it? Go get yourself some ice cream!


Just take it easy; remember that you’ve made it so far and you should be proud of even the tiniest accomplishments. Take time for yourself first above everything else.


You’re doing great and you will get through this tough time. Believe in yourself!


My name is Parker Howell. I love to spend my time writing (mostly poetry) and cuddling with my cat when he's not biting me. I'm majoring in Creative Writing at Wells College so writing is a major influence in my life. I love cacti, corgis, and chai tea.
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