Thoughts All Students Have During Lectures

We tried to compile the most common thoughts UW students have and things UW students experience during class. Can you relate?!

We all arrive like:

“Phew, just made it to class with one minute to spare. I’m right on time!”


Then begins the hardest ordeal ever faced by students: staying awake.

"Why didn't I have a large coffee this morning.."


We set up our desk *just how we like it*

And usually this happens:

“Okay, let’s get out my swaggy little pencil case and my-- I forgot my notebook.

DAMMIT. Ok, ok. Don’t panic. I have some paper-- nevermind, I don’t have any paper. No worries,  I’ll just fail this class.”

We all know what “borrowing” paper means:

You (exterior): *all sweet and eyelashes fluttering in the wind* “Hey, do you have any paper I could borrow?”

You (interior): Psh. “Borrow.” What a joke. You’re never getting this back, buddy.


And they usually stare back at you like:

“I can’t tell you I don’t have any, but I really don’t like you right now.”


Then comes the most common mistake: “I know this part so I’ll tune out”

“Oh wait, I know this part!




Wait whut….

How did that happen????”


It feels like time flows differently in class.


“I feel like it’s been a solid twenty minutes!” *looks at watch*



Thoughts about lunch (or food).

“I hope they have lasagna today.

Or grilled cheese again.

I love food ❤.

Freshman Fifteen? More like Freshman Fifty.”


Thoughts about your schedule.

“After this, I have Calculus in RCH. Then I have 22 minutes and 15 seconds to go eat, then I have to go back to residence, which will take about 7 minutes and 45 seconds, and then….”


Thoughts about social media.

“Should I post that picture on Instagram I took yesterday?

I feel like I need to change my Facebook profile, it’s been a while.

Oh, I forgot I had to text her back, let me do that right now.”


And of course, random thoughts.

“Do fish know they have a 3 second memory?

Isn’t that sad??

I wish I could swim.

Or fly.

Flying would be cool too.

Really cool.

Okay, I know what to ask my genie now.”


And near the end of class, everyone starts packing up early….

“Oh my gosh, guys, be polite! He’s not done!

Psh, kids these days have no respect for their elders….

But let me pack up my things just in case he does let us out early.”


And when we’re finally let out:

“Time for food and a nap!!”


Later that day:

Friend: How was your lecture?

You: Ooh, really good. I learned so much!