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The pre-finals month. A time where all midterms are coming to an end. Term projects and assignment due dates are quickly approaching. Those group projects, be prepared for more meetings that run until 12 am. In fact, better bring food and a blanket to the meetings. Your bank account will be seeing more transactions from the campus Tim Hortons and Starbucks. 


During this time, most of us begin to lose that fire and motivation we had at the beginning of the semester. “This semester I’m going to boost that GPA like fire!”, yeah well now we just want to survive. We start sleeping much later than usual, finishing assignments at the last minute, and break out in sweats and hoodies. In the whole month, you can see the transformation of a student going from their regular semester state transform to their final state.


It’s a hard time to keep up habits and daily practice when everything is flying at us. During this month, we should try even harder to keep up with habits and goals. These are the times when we want to give up the most and accept whatever we can. We need to tell yourself WE CAN and rise to the occasion. 


If you had a habit or a goal that you wanted to achieve, go for it. Want to keep going to the gym? Keep going, it will help you sleep better! Want to eat better? Keep taking those lunches to school and don’t give in to the stress! Want to find time to hang out with friends? Schedule it in your calendar and stay committed! No matter how tough it can get, you can get through this month and the next (finals)!


I wish you all a wonderful November and good luck!!



Hawa Latuke

Hawa Latuke

Waterloo '21

Fourth year of the double degree program pursing a bachelors of mathematics at the University of Waterloo and a bachelors of business administration at Wilfrid Laurier University.   Avid tea drinker. 
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