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Our Super Sweet Summer Survival Kit!

What a perfect way to end off an amazing school year with the Her Campus Summer Survival Kit stuffed with goodies! You may have seen us around campus giving away some of these amazing gifts but if not, we have the up close coverage right here! Summer is a time for soaking up the sun and having fun, the HC Summer Survival Kit gifts will undoubtedly help with that!

Who: Her Campus
Brand Website: www.hercampus.com/book

What: Her Campus’s Guide To College Life Postcard

How Does This Help You #CelebrateYourself?

  • The Her Campus Guide to College Life covers everything you need to know to rock college, from how to get along with your roommates to how to avoid the ‘freshman 15’, deal with tough professors, snag internships, decide whether to study abroad, and much, much more.

  • As you’re celebrating yourself and prepping for a fab summer break, take a second to help an underclassman learn how to have the best years of her life! Gift a copy to your little or even to your favorite freshman, and don’t forget to post a photo of the book cover on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram tagging anyone you know who might benefit from this fun girl’s guide to college. Don’t forget to post with #HCbook and www.hercampus.com/book

The Her Campus Guide to College Life is seriously AMAZING. The advice in it is perfect for any girl already in or will be going into college/university. Covering topics from internships, relationships, staying healthy, managing stress and so much more we seriously recommend you get it for yourself or someone you love (a bff’s bday present maybe?!). Post-secondary is said to be the best years of one’s life so why not ensure this by reading the tips and advice in this lovely book!

Who: Crunch Live

Brand Website:  www.crunchlive.com

What: Crunch Live Free 30-Day Membership

How Does This Help You #CelebrateYourself?

  • Nothing says #CelebrateYourself that getting in shape for the summer! Touted by The Real Talk Show as “one of America’s most innovative online gyms,” Crunch Live lets you work out from wherever you see fit (at school, home, hotel room, on vacation outdoors, etc).

  • We’re giving you an exclusive and free 30-day trial of Crunch Live which gives you unlimited access to 70+ online workouts inspired by Crunch’s most popular classes including kick butt cardio, strength training, yoga, pilates and more! Crunch offers an authentic in-gym experience online, with real instructors leading the classes.

Who doesn’t want a kick-butt body for this summer?! These workouts hosted online by Crunch are the perfect pick me up for bad moods or extra energy. They’re easy to do and they will make you sweat!!! If the 24/7 access isn’t enough motivation then use the end of May deadline to push you into a solid workout schedule (you’ll thank us later warriors!). Shed the few stress induced pounds you may have gained from finals season, there’s no better feeling than accomplishment.

Who: Blink Tattoos  

Brand Website: http://blinktats.com/?utm_source=hercampus&utm_medium=online&utm_campaig…

What: Blink Tattoos from the DMX, LAX, and MIA collections!

How Does This Help You #CelebrateYourself?

  • Blink Tattoos has created the next level of temporary tattoos, and they’re here to help you have the best summer yet (and look fabulous all summer long!)

  • Wear celebrity tattoos with the help of the LAX Collection, glow under black light with our MIA Collection, or rock inspirational ink with the DXB Collection. Want more? Use promo code HERCAMPUSVIP to save 15%. Expires 5/15.

Ok so these temporary tattoos are 100% the coolest ones we’ve ever seen. With sweet metallic gold/silver/blue/black colours and adorable designs these tats are a MUST for summer – especially for the beach! They’ll look great on any skin colour with the metallic shine that makes them stand out. With different collections you can look at on their website, use the limited promo code and indulge in some beautiful temporary body art!


Some other goodies we got and LOVED we’re these wonderful gifts:

So on behalf of Her Campus Waterloo we’d like to say a very big thank you to all the generous brands who’ve already made our summer a lot better! You guys rock!!

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