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To my Constant Co-Passenger,

It’s been a long journey to get here. So, how about we romance the road so far?

Since the beginning of university, you have been the only person who can finish my sentences, read in between the lines of my texts, and decode an entire novel from my facial expressions. Throughout the journey, you made me laugh a little louder, shine a little brighter, and made my life a hell of a lot crazier. As we are approaching four years of inside jokes, warm hugs, and mind-boggling memories, I am certain that “you’re my person.” I was, and always will be, humbled and grateful to have a forever friend like you in my life. 

I’m sometimes in awe of how you’re just so busy being your wonderful self that you have no idea how utterly extraordinary you are. You don’t even realize that you’re such a soulful sweetpea. You make people around you want to strive, thrive, and not just survive. Thank you for always inspiring me to know better and do better! 

Furthermore, thank you for being there with me through all seasons of life — the scintillating springs, sun-filled summers, not-so-festive falls, and wailful winters. Your support and encouragement have surely turned my deepest fears into some of my greatest hopes. And if I could go back and choose another adventure, I’d choose you.

All I have left to say is: “Get ready, gurl!” I don’t know where the rest of the journey is going to take us, but I have a ticket for you and it promises smiles for miles. 

Your Timeless Traveller 


Hey hi hello! My name is Jetashree Ravi (Nickname: Jet! ?). As an aspiring female developer, I am pursuing Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. I love designing, developing, DIY-ing, sketching, scuba diving, and chasing chaildish conversations.
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