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We have fought 

We have cried 

We have been blocked 

We are tired.


In this era of a new beginning 

In a new year 

We welcome calm

We welcome peace

We welcome safety.


In new beginnings

We shall grow 

We shall move forward 

Fight through sickness 

Live through life-defining decisions.


As humans we find ourselves in the unknown

New beginnings define us 

New beginnings define our lives 

In these new beginnings we want to live through 

With our heads raised high.


New beginnings shall bring about rainbows

New beginnings shall bring about colours

New beginnings mean a clean slate.


Within this new beginning we bring hope

We bring wishes

We bring life 

We bring brightness and sparkle.


New year and new beginnings shall begin

New beginnings that bring the Sun 

Ending the darkness upon us.  

Tithi Joshi

Waterloo '22

She is a student at the University of Waterloo in Health Studies. With a passion for medicine, but has a love for writing.
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