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Holidays no longer hold the same glamour and wonder that they did when we were younger. As newly minted to adjusting adults, university students are a demographic that sometimes gets left behind in holiday activities. Characters like The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are all figures that exist to entertain children – but what exists for University students?

Here is a guide on finding the wonder in holidays like the old times:


1. Get your hands on some sweet treats:

Do you celebrate Easter? If yes, you’ll know that Easter at its core is about hope. If not, you are part of many people who don’t and that is totally cool. Easter has evolved so much over time, so today it is very different from its ancestor (comparable to your glow up from middle school to now).

As you walk around stores you’ll see many chocolate bunnies, eggs, and even dinosaurs.

If you are eyeing these treats, get them while you can! Waiting for sales might just mean they never reach your hands.



Speaking of sales, make sure you hit the stores the day after for those glorious cookies and cream eggs for a much better price.


2. Focus on hope:

But, Easter isn’t just about chocolate despite the mouth-watering displays. If we’re focusing on the theme of hope, the brightest light at the end of the tunnel is that exams will be done by the 26th this month! Make sure you are taking time to study but also taking breaks that you so rightfully deserve.


3. Spend a night out, or in!

Easter provides a nice holiday to treat yourself to a day out or a night in. There is a calendar of cool events to hit up in the KW Region like book sales, art displays and more! I recommend The MUSEUM, the KW Symphony at student prices and Uptown Waterloo.

Personally, I think The Flowers Wake Up concert by the symphony looks promising. There are so many fun things to do in Waterloo when you know where to look. Check out MuseumAfterDark on Instagram for more.

April is also a time to go shopping for new clothes. The florals have arrived! Check out thrift stores for more sustainable options and all the items from the Marie Kondo craze!

A night in can consist of the newest Netflix like the return of (another) Noah Centineo movie, the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (if you haven’t already binged it), and Gina Rodriguez of Jane The Virgin in Someone Great.


4. Work on some personal projects:

You don’t need a subscription to have fun. You can find movies and amazing content on Youtube. You can become the next Bob Ross by painting something that doesn’t have to be eggs. Make sure you are taking care of you and your passions this exam season.

Do something you’ve always wanted to whether that be trying something new or going back to something you miss, I highly encourage it. Do something the child in you would’ve loved you for. Do something you miss from that nostalgic period of life. Challenge the idea that the past is the best it’ll ever get.


On a final note, hope is about creating something to hold onto, look forward to, and strive for.

Graduation and summer is around the corner. It can be full of amazing opportunities, relaxation, and light that can get you through this exam period. What is your hope this Easter?



Photo Credits: Photo 1 – Jane Pangilinan, Photo 2

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