A Love Letter to Those Who Don’t Have a Significant Other on Valentine's Day

To all my single ladies (or lads),

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I already know what you’re doing. You’re bracing yourself for all of your taken friends to come home adorned with roses and chocolates. You’re mentally preparing yourself for all of the cheesy Instagram posts with sickeningly cute couples, showing off their adoration for each other. While everyone is out celebrating their love, you’re going to be home watching a Nicholas Sparks movie on Netflix.

While it seems like everyone around you is so in love, you may be wondering when it’ll be your turn to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a significant other. Well, you may not be celebrating it with anyone this year, but does that really matter? You shouldn’t be asking, “when am I going to celebrate Valentine’s day with a significant other?” Rather, you should be asking, “do I really need a significant other to celebrate love?” The answer to that is a resounding “no.”

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love! This means celebrating the love you have for your family, your friends, and most importantly, yourself! Having a significant other does not define you, nor does it determine your worth. So kudos to all the couples who are in love this season and kudos to those who aren’t but are still perfectly content with themselves.



Another Single Lady Who Is Perfectly Content with Being Single