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They nurture in the spring

They come in green

They hang and sway with the wind

It’s summer and they still sway


But those leaves 

That change colors 

As autumn arrives


And like the season’s name


The leaves change colour

They change to the warm colours

Leaves, leaves everywhere.


They change in a blink of an eye

During the warmth of Fall

They turn a mellow yellow 

They turn a dark brown

They turn a burnt red


With the end of Fall 

The leaves go back to the ground

But to come again when autumn arises again.

The leaves that bring the shades of Fall with them.


Only to fall to their destiny 

Only to go back to the roots

To become soil and wait 

For Fall to end

And winter to come.


Leaves, leaves

They leave us with warmth and comfort

And that is the end of Fall

As the leaves fall.

Tithi Joshi

Waterloo '22

She is a student at the University of Waterloo in Health Studies. With a passion for medicine, but has a love for writing.
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