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The beginning was of becoming 

The one page of a chapter

That led my soul to poetry

A beginning of escapade 

Escape from the dull world

A colourful world of poems

Stanza by stanza 

We delve deep 

From words of Shakespeare 

My love speaks through 

A couple of couplets 

My pain speaks 

Through sonnets

My curiosity screams through 

The Victorians 

Oh how this world gave me 

My most treasured gift

The gift to write 

The gift of beauty in words

My weapon 

My grace 

Bleeding through my thoughts

Here I send an ode 

To my precious gift 

This may be the last time here

But not the last stanza

I write in this life 

An ode to this chapter

An ode to the last page 

An ode to the last time 

Ode to the goodbye.

Ode to the last time.

Tithi Joshi

Waterloo '22

She is a student at the University of Waterloo in Health Studies. With a passion for medicine, but has a love for writing.
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