How To Wake Up When It’s Cold Outside

We all know that feeling when you have that 8:30 class to go to and you have to get up at 7:00 am to get ready (because you must maintain that beauty routine, or you just take long to actually get up and at ‘em). It’s still dark and cold outside your room so how do you wake up?


1. Set 10 alarms 1 minute apart and sleep through all of them.

2. Better yet, don’t even bother to set an alarm.

3. Leave your window open - I am sure the cold air will have you springing out of your bed even earlier than 7AM

4. Have a cup of coffee by your bed and drink it as soon as you wake up. I’m sure that there will be no insects in it!

5. Sleep in someone else’s room. They have to kick you out at some point and I’m sure that will wake you up.

6. Bribe the geese to honk outside your window for 20 minutes.

7. Before you go to sleep, place some snow in a bucket with a hole above your head. The cold water dripping on you will wake you up and you won’t even need a bath!

8. Don’t go to sleep at all. If you have an 8:30 am class pull an all-nighter and just go to class before you go to sleep. That way you won’t miss your class for sure!


All jokes aside, getting up in the morning to -20C weather is on of the worst feelings in the world. If you know you have an important class, interview or meeting early in the morning, the following is really beneficial:


1. Prepare the night before. Lay out your clothes and pack whatever you need to. Nothing will convince you to get out of bed more than if you feel prepared to face the day.

2. Go to bed early. Personally, I don’t mind getting out of bed when I feel well rested, as compared to if I’m still tired and cranky.

3. Have a close friend or family member call you to make sure you’re awake. You feel more guilty to ignore people as compared to alarms.

4. Keep your room nice and toasty. If you don’t know how cold it is outside you might want to wake up more!

5. Always, always, always check the weather before you leave home and make sure you are dressed warmly enough. Nothing deters me more from going out than if I feel cold when I walk outside.

6. Open the curtains of the windows in your bedroom, it’s easier to wake up if you know the entire world is awake as well.

7. Make plans for breakfast with a person who has to be up at the crack of dawn as well. When you have an early obligation, it is harder to cancel plans and go back to sleep than to get ready and meet with the person.


So good luck Waterloo Warriors in facing the coming winter months. Remember Winter is coming!