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How to use Reading Week as a Reset Button

Sometimes during a school term, it feels like we need an emergency stop button.  We try to keep up with schoolwork, friendships, and so many other commitments. Reading week is just around the corner, and it might be exactly what you need! Here are a few ways to use this break as a reset button.

  1. 1. Find a way to take a day 100% off school.

    Even on a break, us uni students usually have work to do!  Plan your week so that you can set aside a full 24 hours (or more!) to not think about school. You will feel like a brand new person!

  2. 2. Clean up the digital mess that happens during school.

    By reading week, your laptop is probably overflowing with unorganized class notes and hundreds of random files.  Take some time to delete unneeded files, reorganize notes for easy access, and install any updates. You’ll be thanking yourself every time you use your laptop afterwards!  

  3. 3. Refresh your go-to music/podcasts.

    Your phone could use a refresh too, so search for some new entertainment! Create new playlists in Spotify so that by the time you get back to school, you’ll have plenty of background beats to study to. Save a few motivational podcasts and get excited about a productive rest of the term!

  4. 4. Fix your routines.

    Often our morning routines or hobbies get left behind in the rush of midterms. Reading week is a chance to get back in the groove of our good habits!  Set a simple goal to improve your health and happiness over reading week.  You could stretch every day, read an inspiring book, or perfect your skincare routine!

  5. 5. Remind yourself what you like about school. 

    When we’re right in the middle of school, it’s easy to forget why we started and what we loved about our program. Use reading week as a reset button for your perspective on your studies!  Ask yourself what your favourite parts of your major are, or what you love about student life. You’ll be more excited to go back once the week is over!

I’m looking forward to using reading week this fall as a much-needed reset. Let’s take the time to set ourselves up for success during the rest of the term!