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How to Have a Fun Covid-19 Summer

I’m sure a lot of us were hoping things would be back to normal this year, especially in time for summer. I was definitely hoping I’d be able to celebrate my 19th birthday by turning up at some bar. However, with lockdown #3 happening right now, who knows what the timeline is with this pandemic. Despite those pessimistic thoughts (sorry), after over a year of COVID, I’ve started to look at it in a more positive light. Sure, I might not be able to go clubbing when I’m legal, but there are definitely a bunch of other ways I can still enjoy my summer. After brainstorming for a bit, I wanted to share the top 5 things I’m looking forward to doing when school’s done.  

Beach Days

If beaches are open this summer, that’s the number one place to be. After being cooped up for months, laying on the warm sand and soaking up the sun is the best way to wash all your worries away. And what better way is there to lift that burden that school placed on your chest than by taking a nice dip in the lake? Throw on that cute bikini that’s been in the back of your closet all year, find a pair of shades, grab your favourite summer book, and plan your perfect beach day! I promise you won’t regret it.

Summer Tan

Let’s say you’re not a beach person, or you hate sand getting in your eyes when the wind blows the wrong way. That doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the sun, or better yet, getting a nice summer tan. The second the temperature is over 15 degrees, I’m in my backyard on a lawn chair, relaxing in the warm weather. Now imagine doing that all the time on a nice summer day, without the stress of school weighing you down. The best way to clear your mind is to kick up outside with some headphones, and tan away (don’t forget your sunscreen though)! 


One word: MARSHMALLOWS. Or s’mores, if that’s more your thing. Regardless, summer campfires hit differently, and nothing says summer like the smell of a campfire! You’ve got the nice heat from the flames on a cool summer evening. You’re roasting marshmallows, waiting to achieve that perfect golden colour. You spice it up a little and make a couple of s’mores, too. If you don’t have a bonfire in your backyard, you can always go camping for a couple of days. Provincial parks are now open for booking, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to enjoy some summer treats!


In my opinion, the thrill of picnics is underrated. All you have to do is grab your favourite foods and head over to your local park! Warm, sunny weather already makes everything better. But paired with your favourite snacks? You’ll have a field day, trust me.


Now, hear me out; I’m not a big hiker, so I know some people dread the long walk. But when you’re hiking toward a pretty view, it’s totally worth it. One of my favourite places is Devil’s Punchbowl in Hamilton; after the little hike you’ll find yourself at a beautiful waterfall. If you time it correctly, you can make it for sunset, and you’ll get two amazing views at the same time. So congratulate yourself for finishing the semester; enjoy the summer and don’t take it for granted!

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