Get Ready for Spring

We all appreciate the winter season at least a little, whether it is for the snow days or the warm nights wrapped up in a blanket with hot chocolate in hand. But after a long winter, we look forward to our spring season! Get ready, it is time to start preparing for the most awesome season of the year. Let’s welcome spring together with some of these tips!


Plant Those Flowers

If spring is almost here, and that means flowers will flourish and increase the beauty of our gardens and campuses. Flowers make our days brighter and more colourful, so plant those flowers as spring knocks on our door to come and make us all happier. Tulips are a great idea because they welcome spring with a pop of colour.


Switch Out Your Clothes

Time to pack away those thick winter jackets and replace them for something more light and easier to carry. Pull out those trendy clothes that people can actually see without a fat jacket hiding them. We are all tired of wearing those hats, gloves and winter boots that don’t even help us that much on the ice. Let’s bring out the bright coloured clothing to show our spring spirit! Get excited for the tees, cold-shoulder tops and cute dresses!!


Look Out for the Warmer Days

It’s time the temperature starts to go into the positives rather than the negatives. After we’ve all been living in negative temperatures for 4 months, warmer days and some sunshine would be very much appreciated. Warm days mean icier cold drinks, ice cream and easier treks to class. The warmer the days the better we all will feel and we will actually want to go out and enjoy the outdoors!


Finals are Coming

With spring approaching, so are finals. Start prepping for the big finale and finish strong. I know this is the worst topic to point out but it’s the last part of our winter term and with spring approaching so are finals. Start preparing now and give yourself some you time before getting engulfed in work and studying. We can do this! Remember to stay hydrated, and take breaks during this time of stress.


Summer is Almost Here

We are so close to summer, it gets hotter and hotter every day! Some of us will be free from University stress for four months of our lives. Some will go to work, some will graduate and go on trips - there is so much to be excited about! Spring coming means summer is just around the corner and as Canadians we get a break from the icy cold weather, we also get a relaxation period.


Spring is coming so we better get ready for the weather changes, outfit changes and also the mood changes towards the season that is approaching us. Let’s welcome spring and say bye to winter for another 4 months!! Get ready for spring!!


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