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9 Strategies for Effective Studying in University

Do you always find it too challenging to study properly? Hmm, maybe you’re studying the wrong way. Don’t panic, there is always a solution to your problem. You can start to study smarter today by following these effective learning tips:

1. Attending Classes

It’s not mandatory to go to class everyday but it’s not a good idea to keep skipping classes. There’s a bunch of reasons why you should go to class. For example, you’ll have opportunities to engage with new materials from the course, socialize with the others or get some hints for the exam, etc.

2. Asking Questions

There’s no such thing as ‘Stupid Questions’. Ask questions whenever you feel like doing so. You would want to make mistakes now rather than in your exams.

3. Group Discussion

Sometimes it’s impossible to figure out everything on your own, especially when dealing with tricky questions. By having study groups, problems can be viewed in different perspectives and can be dealt in different ways. You’re likely to be more motivated to study.

4. Listening to Music

By listening to music here, I do not mean EDM, Eminem, Jay- Z or Kanye West. However, not every genre of music distracts you from doing your work. If you want some study music, try to avoid music with vocals and go for some instrumental or classical music instead.

5. Taking Good Care of Yourselves

Get enough sleep, stay hydrated and eat well. It’s extremely important to keep your body healthy and your mind clear. Plus, you can’t concentrate on your studies feeling dizzy or with an empty stomach.

6. Be the Professor

‘What did I study for today? How much knowledge I gained after the lessons?’ Test yourselves out by teaching the lessons again to your friends or family members. If you’re able to demonstrate your knowledge, you’re on the right track.

7. Time Management

Many people fall into crisis because of tons of assignments in a little time. The problem here is due to poor time management skill. Therefore, sketch a ‘To- do List’ which works for you and prioritize the more important tasks. Don’t wait until the last minute to catch up with everything, it’s awful.

8. Self-Evaluation

Self- evaluation helps you to find out what are your strengths and weaknesses in order to make further improvement.

9. Stop Procrastinating

Know what your interruptions are. Block out any distractions, mute your phone, turn off Facebook notifications, stay focus and GET YOUR WORK DONE!!! Do not let yourselves fall into any temptations.

Best of luck on your upcoming midterms!!!

Nicole Dang

Waterloo '21

Hi! I'm Nicole, a third-year Science and Business student at University of Waterloo
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