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5 Tips On How To Prioritize Your Goals In 2021

I love the beginning of a new year! There is so much that goes through your mind when thinking about the new year ahead. For a lot of people it’s a time to reflect and set new goals.

Being an entrepreneur, there are so many tasks and things that I need to do in order to move forward in accomplishing my goals. However, I am also a full-time university/co-op student who has many assignments, tests, etc. This can be stressful because I have other goals I want to accomplish aside from school. 

I know that there are many student entreprepreneurs out there who experience the same thing and are trying to answer the same question: how do I work on my dreams/goals while being a student or employee? 

I am in the same boat trying to navigate how to balance my dreams/goals with my everyday priorities. SO MUCH, that in 2021 I am determined to make some changes so that my dreams are not always put on the back burner. 

There are so many reasons why we put our dreams/goals last, so here are some tips on how to intentionally work on your dreams in 2021. 

Ask yourself: “What is my Why?”

This is an important question that I had to answer to be intentional about my goals. This is so so important! 

When you have a “Why” for your dreams/goals then you are more likely to be more intentional when working on it. 

For my creative business & digital brand, my why is that I want to inspire all women to be confident in creating for themselves whether that be in the kitchen, crafting, home decor, or any other space. I want to use my business & blog to create and provide an inclusive space to showcase other female creatives while also motivating them to be creative! 

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Work on your mindset

I didn’t realize how important mindset was until these last 4 months. Mindset development is so vital to working on your dreams. 

Before developing my mindset, every time I was working on a blog post or a crafting project I didn’t have the same drive to do these tasks as I do now. My mindset was small: I didn’t truly value my skills or see the potential in what I was doing. 

If you are a creative or entrepreneur, I recommend listening to the panelists who speak at BlogHer.com, they have so much great insight to share. You can also listen to podcasts or Youtube videos! Just growing that mindset a little bit each day goes a long way. 

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 Set time aside to start

Life gets busy with school and work, so you have to carve time out specifically for your goals whether it be your business, blog, writing your novel, creating videos, etc. Life will always get in the way so carving out specific time to work on yourself is critical to working on your hustle. 

Set small attainable goals

Have a detailed action plan, this helps in outlining the specific things you need to do to accomplish your main goal. 

When you only focus on the main goal, you will continue to waste time running in circles not knowing what to do to accomplish it. 

(For example: I have a goal to write 30 min everyday of the week. Completing this small attainable task regularly will help me to eventually write my book.)

  Speak of your goals in present tense

Speak or write your goals in present tense! This has CHANGED my life. When I started speaking of the things I wanted to achieve in the present tense, it trained my mind to believe that I’ve truly accomplished it.

It opens up your subconscious mind to truly visualize what is happening. IK, it seems crazy. BUT IT WORKS! Additionally, say your goals in the present tense out loud. This is a game changer! 

(For example: “Become a published author” becomes “I am a successful published author who has written a bestselling novel”) 

Remember, it's not our job to figure out how it's going to happen but to believe it will happen. 

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That’s it. Some of my best tips on how to prioritize your dreams and work on creating your best and most successful self. Be easy on yourself and believe you can do it, because you can do it! 

Hi my name is Efuaye and I’m in Honours Public Health! This term I am the Co-President of HerCampus Waterloo. I have a passion for health/wellness & anything creative! I am always up for a DIY challenge! Always catch me with tea, chocolate, and a good book in hand! To check out more of my writings & my blogging business check out ohefuaye.com!
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