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4 Attitudes That Will Change Your Life

I wrote this blog post while sitting at my kitchen table, eating dinner at around 9:00pm. I know, that’s a late dinner. But anyway, while eating dinner, I was reflecting on the question, “What does it mean to enjoy life?” 

What is the right attitude to have toward life? How do we know if we are truly enjoying it?  Well, recently I read this plan called “7 Attitudes to Enjoy Life” on YouVersion and it was amazing! I totally recommend reading it; it provided me with such great insight.

Here are my thoughts on what I’ve learned and my top tips on how we can apply these attitudes to ourselves in order to live better lives.   

Seek Wisdom

This was a new one for me; I never intentionally practiced this. I thought you just got wiser as you grew older. However, seeking wisdom is a daily practice. When you strive to live/work in your will (purpose), that is how you live wisely. 

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 Be intentional about the way you live your life 

A great way to practice this is to learn from those around you, absorb good lessons, and work toward living in your purpose even if it’s in a small way each day. 

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(For example, find a mentor! Find someone who can give you advice and guide you. A good way to find a mentor is to look for someone who has walked the path you are currently trying to take) 

Number Your Days

Number your days. It means exactly what it says.

2 Reasons why we should number our days…

– You can’t do anything to live longer 

– You don’t know how much time you still have to live 

This being said, our time here on Earth is so important, and each day we have to be grateful while also using our time in the best way. 

Valuing our days means making the most of them. Every so often, we complain or worry a lot, which is honestly just time wasted. How much more of life do we gain by doing this? 

Of course, these negative feelings are bound to happen sometimes, but it’s all about what you do with your emotions. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, don’t sit on it — instead, get up and find a solution.

Psalm 90:12 says it perfectly: “So teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Make The Best Use

This point is all about making the best use of our time. This attitude particularly resonated with me. 

Making the best use of your time means spending your time on actions that advance your growth in your life, rather than trivial things. 

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(What are the trivial things in your life? I recommend reflecting on trivial things you spend your time on, and what you can do to change them)

Time is valuable; let every minute count

Don’t be stagnant with your time, but also don’t fill your time mindlessly with tasks. 

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Each day, try to be better than you were yesterday, either by adding more value to your own life or someone else’s life. 

This leads us to our last attitude to enjoy life…


Live Well In Community

Living well with others is SO important! In life we are always with other people, so why not learn how to live with them in harmony? 

Love your neighbor!

Loving your neighbor means being generous, kind, fair, and intentional to cultivate peace with those around you and those far from you.

A second component of living well in your community is being thankful. Gratitude is vital for enjoying life. I listen to a lot of books and speeches by successful people and the one commonality between all of them is that they are always grateful for what they have. 

The plan says it perfectly: “Kindness breeds kindness; gratitude breeds gratitude and makes life much better!”

That’s it; those are my thoughts on 4 of the attributes to enjoy life! 

I hope you enjoyed this article! 

Hi my name is Efuaye and I’m in Honours Public Health! This term I am the Co-President of HerCampus Waterloo. I have a passion for health/wellness & anything creative! I am always up for a DIY challenge! Always catch me with tea, chocolate, and a good book in hand! To check out more of my writings & my blogging business check out ohefuaye.com!
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