3 Tips To Help Get You Through Exam Season

Exams are fast approaching and the semester is almost over. This year has been quite a different experience for us students, as we have had to transition into virtual learning in our home setting. This transition has not been the easiest, and with virtual exams coming up, we are all in need of some helpful tips to get us through this period of dreaded exams, final papers, projects, and presentations.   

  1. 1. Make to-do lists

    Around exam season, most of us have a lot of work to catch up on. It may be readings or lectures that you have been neglecting, and now you have those on top of preparing for exams. To-do lists help to get everything out on paper so that your mind can gain clarity and stop spiraling. I know to-do lists don’t work for everyone; this is likely because we often write down too much and have unrealistic goals for what we want to achieve in the day. This ends up becoming overwhelming rather than helpful. Or, when we don’t get all of the things on our list ticked off, we become discouraged, as if we haven’t got enough done. I have recently learned to write down what is achievable. If you get everything crossed off your list, you are going to feel much more productive and motivated to keep completing tasks. In this case, sometimes less is more.   

    Women siting on her bed
  2. 2. Clean your spaces

    A clean space equals a clear mind for optimal productivity. First, start each morning by making your bed. I’ve been doing this for almost a year now and it's become a standard practice; it sets each day off on the right foot and makes your space look that much more put together. Cleaning can be hard during busy times like exams, so don’t beat yourself up about putting off your laundry or cleaning the kitchen. Take things one step at a time and remind yourself that you will feel much more accomplished by cleaning up one small space at a time.    

  3. 3. Take breaks

    This is so important, and can be difficult to do. I still struggle to achieve this balance; I will either take a break that is too long or I will avoid taking a break and then experience burnout. One thing that I have found helpful is incorporating getting outside, exercising, or having a meal during my break times. This way, you are still being productive and doing things that will benefit your health. While exercising, you can listen to music or a podcast, and while you are eating, you can watch Netflix, YouTube, or even read a book. This way, you are getting your basic necessities in while getting enjoyment. Designating certain break times or even setting a timer can be really helpful as well. Do what works best for you.   

With that, good luck on exams! You’ve made it this far and are in the home stretch. You’ve got this!