UW Cares, Support Services for Students

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, aka also the most stressful! With fall quarter wrapping up folks are scrambling to write 10 plus page long papers, cramming in as much study time as possible, and losing hours of sleep. While the gloom of finals is upon us, that doesn’t mean we should stop taking care of ourselves. So, here are a few on-campus resources that could help you get through rough times not just during finals but all year long:

  • Have you heard of LiveWell? There is a whole office/team equipped to support students in various capacities. For one, LiveWell offers Student Coaching and Care services if you ever find yourself experiencing major grief or needing someone to talk to you could make an appointment either by phone or email at [email protected] or 206.543.2684 to connect with a Care Coach.
  • You could also refer others to LiveWell’s Coaching and Care team if you think your friend is experiencing difficulties.
  • DOGS, DOGS and more DOGS. Hall Health offers monthly sessions with therapy dogs, where students could go for 15 minutes and get some fur-baby love. CLICK HERE for specific dates/times and more information.
  • Need a quiet space to reflect, pray, or mediate? There’s a Meditation room located in the Husky Union Building (HUB) in the basement level room 252. The room is accessible on a first come first serve basis and during standard HUB hours.
  • Counseling Center in Schmitz Hall 401, offers individual and group counseling sessions that are 45-50 minutes long. To make an appointment call 206.616.6910.
  • If talking to someone about your problems is too overwhelming, consider destressing by getting active. The Intramural Activities (IMA) Building has lots of workout equipment and plenty of classes such as dance, yoga, and cycling. As a reminder, access to the IMA is free, since students pay for it as part of our college tuition and fees.

These are just a few of the support services UW offers. I know college can be challenging, but remember you’re not alone and there is help out there.