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Now that its spring, I wanted to share how spring cleaning can be a great opportunity to incorporate this season and in years ahead. With days feeling longer and the sun being out, spring is a great time to utilize extra motivation to clean our space, body, and mind.

Clean Your Space

Cleaning your space might be what you think of when hearing “spring cleaning.” Having a clean space does not have to be an intimidating task. Taking “projects” one by one can help to achieve a clean space. Setting small goals for yourself can be great for not only your physical space but your headspace as well! Grab your cleaning supplies and listen to your favorite music or podcast for a day, morning, or afternoon of cleaning.

Cleanse your mind

With winter blues out of the way, spring can also be an opportunity to “cleanse” our minds. Investing time into reading a book, listening to podcasts, or finding new music to enjoy are all ways to rest and relax your mind. Journaling, going on walks, and talking with friends are other ways you can “cleanse” your mind and release or process your thoughts in this season. Cleansing your mind can look very different from person to person, but taking the time to relax your mind is beneficial in every season.

Cleanse your body

Focusing on self-care habits is a great way to incorporate spring cleaning into this season. Simple things like having a set skincare routine, remembering to put on sunscreen, or buying a new body wash are ways to take care of your body. You could also take a walk with friends or head to the gym. Keeping active and staying clean are both ways to get excited for spring and the summer ahead. While having a “glow-up” before summer begins may be your goal, incorporating these habits also helps to build a solid routine no matter the season. Investing in yourself and taking care of yourself can help lighten this busy season and leave you feeling fresh!

Clean your wardrobe

Spring is a great time to evaluate your wardrobe to prepare for the rest of the year. Taking time to sort through what you have and haven’t been wearing can allow for more space (even if it will be filled with more clothes in the months to come). Re-evaluating your wardrobe is a great way to free up your mid from endless decisions in a day and also can challenge yourself to experiment with the clothes that you have in different ways. Donating your clothes to local thrift shops or shelters allows you to show some love this spring and stay sustainable.

Stella Olson

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