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Simple Ways to Step Up Your Instant Noodle Game

Instant ramen noodles might possibly be one of the best food inventions ever. It’s affordable, delicious, and already portioned out into individual cups (even though we could all eat three cups in one sitting). Ramen has always been everyone’s dorm room essential but recently, new flavors have emerged on the shelves like Siracha Chicken, Cheese, and Miso. Sometimes the classic flavors can get old but now these new flavors make for an exciting addition. 

Eating the noodles straight out of the microwave is yummy but why not spice it up by including your own additives? Incorporating veggies, protein, and other various toppings help to include additional nutrition to the meal along with texture and even more flavor. I love eating instant noodles while watching Netflix or as a late night study snack. I also think having some friends over to your dorm in the middle of the week and having a create your own ramen night would be a nice way to relax and socialize. 

All of these ingredients to throw into your ramen cup are all inexpensive and keep well in a dorm room. You’ll shock yourself  and your roommates by how much you can chef it up with your microwave and ingredients from your mini fridge.


Instant Ramen Combination Ideas 

  • Cheddar Cheese Ramen with crushed hot cheetos 

  • Miso Ramen with cubed tofu and green onion 

  • Roasted Chicken Ramen with cubed chicken and frozen broccoli  

  • Chicken Tortilla Ramenwith crushed tortilla chips 

  • Soy sauce noodles with frozen stir fry veggie bag 

  • Shrimp Ramen with spinach and frizzled onions 

  • Chicken Ramen with bacon bits, mushrooms, and ranch 


Enhancing your microwave noodles doesn’t stop with adding veggies and protein. Different oils and sauces like sesame oil, sriracha, and soy sauce are game changers. Adding different spices, such as chili flakes or garlic powder, completely enhance the noodles and make them a lot more flavorful. Ramen is seen as the unhealthy and lazy option but by adding in your own ingredients, you can turn it into a meal that is delicious and filling. Plus, it’s way cheaper than ordering noodles at an Asian restaurant. 

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