Remember to Put Yourself First

Life is crazy.

Especially in college, it feels like everything is always in overdrive. You have 15 assignments, 2 midterms, 2 club meetings to get to, and an 8 hour shift all in one day. After a while, it can get overwhelming. I know it has for me. I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), and love to keep busy, and it so it's easy for me to fall into routines where I am constantly busy. I get stressed out, frazzled, and tired. Life can get hectic, and sometimes it can be too much, which is why it’s important to put yourself first sometimes.

I know, I know, that can seem like a lot sometimes. Why should I take the time to read the book that’s been sitting on my desk for six months when I can finish my homework, or go to that workshop I said I would attend, or meet that professor I said I would meet? Yes, it’s important to do all that stuff, you shouldn't ignore your responsibilities, but you also have to realize that sometimes it’s okay to not do things right away.  If you have 2 hours of time, why not read that book you’ve been saying you would read forever ago for one hour, instead of slaving away for homework for two? Instead of pouring your fourth cup of coffee to get through your fifth hour of studying, maybe you should take a walk and clear your head instead. Let yourself take a break. Make it a priority.

I personally know that I push myself too hard sometimes, and it’s not good for me, or anyone. I’ll work fine under all the pressure and stress, but eventually, I start to crack. I begin to forget assignments I have due, or miss deadlines for certain applications. My leg is constantly bouncing because I’m drinking too much coffee, and my stomach is constantly grumbling because I don’t eat when I’m stressed. Life starts to get miserable, and bleak, and exhausting. I crave going to bed all the time, because it’s the only place where I can escape my pending responsibilities. In fact, It has been happening to me all week. Quite frankly, winter quarter has been kicking my ass.

But, today, I got home from class, and instead of adding 2 more hours to the already countless hours I had spent studying for my midterm, I decided to sit down and play my guitar for an hour. Something so simple, so mundane, but the best decision I have made all week. By the end, I felt so much better, because it was nice to put myself first for a change. To do something I wanted, I enjoyed, rather than doing something that I had to do. It reminded me that it is important to take breaks every so often, because it’s so easy to get burnt out.

So chill out. Go out to eat with your friends, take a nap, or go to the gym if that’s what gets your going. Whatever you need to do to relax, go ahead. It’s important to put yourself first.