"Mr. Right” – A Poem About Girls With High Standards

She creates a mental image of the man of her dreams, makes a list composed of traits that are her own idea of perfection

Yes, she knows looks aren’t everything, but God does she hope he has a nice complexion

And well, if he’s taller than her when she wears heels, he just might win over her affection


She requires a man with ambition,

If he has goals, her attraction to him will definitely come to fruition


She hopes he’s sweet and caring,

And funny too


She hopes he likes dogs,

Because she knows in the future she’ll have at least two


Bonus points if he loves his mom,

And if found in difficult situations, he stays calm


If he’s a gentleman she will definitely be swept off her feet,

Because let’s be real here, a chivalrous man just can’t be beat


But don't get it twisted

She’s strong and independent, she’s in no rush to earn the title of a wife.

But of course, she’d be lying to you if she told you she doesn’t wish to soon find someone that will complement her life.


Just remember,

She’s not looking for a Prince Charming,

She’s aware life isn’t a fairytale

But she’s a hopeless romantic,

So as she battles the thought of never finding her Mr. Right,

She will continue to put her heart out there, because she will not go down without a fight.