The Most Underrated Healthy College Snacks

As college students, we tend to have the underhand when it comes to food. Most of us—unless you are part of the lucky few with kitchen access—eat at specific meal times and the only food we can have outside of these meals are snacks. The classic college snacks include chips, cookies, and other high calorie and unsatisfactory foods. Well, no need to worry! If you are in need of some healthier, more filling options for your snack cabinet or drawer just look below because I have provided some of my personal favorite foods to snack on before, after, and in between classes!




  1. Made Good Crispy Squares



2. Organic Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn



3. Whole Natural Almonds


4. All Natural Dried Fruits (my fav is dried mango!)


5.  Veggie Straws