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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

You promised us all that our 

country will be better, that your mandated 

power will be enacted fairly,

that the land of smiles will prosper, 

shine, and combine to become one peaceful 

nation, blinded by the good, that you will protect

our nation, religion, and our beloved King.

A list of your endless vows that lies 

within our hearts.


Just this: I see a child in a white shirt, 

watching you. You sewed 

her mouth to the size of a pin, 

tied her hands and feet until the ropes cut

her into three and she eternally bleeded,

then you told her to sit still.  

All she can see now is fire 

around her, as the flames melted 

her shirt into shades of darker black.

Did I just see her black wings?


You told us to continue watching,

but we’re hungry, we’re hungry for food, 

we’re hungry for unbroken promises.

Some of us already have other lives above. 

The sad story continues,

a darker place for us all, an endless 

cycle of written documents,

followed by all your justifiable



But I’m so scared to mention your name, will you still exist?