Ladies, Stop Doubting Yourself And Start Accepting What You Deserve

She has the kind of smile that everyone adores. Whenever her lips curve, it welcomes everyone in the room including me. Her smile radiates warmth and outshines the rest of her features. Her eyes are her second best feature, and they sparkle when the sun hits her face. Her dewy skin reminds me of my mom’s forever youthful face. She looks mature, yet playful and indeed the kind of person that you want to take seriously. 

I could tell you that she is beautiful, but she is more than that. She is a strong, intelligent, and the most independent woman I know. It is offensive to compliment her beauty and to forget the rest of her other amazing personal traits. 

She knows what she deserves—which is one of the many rewarding lessons that I have learned from her. She taught me that being a woman can be painfully hard. As a woman, we have to deal with the dreading cramps from that time of the month, the emotional breakdown that comes from the female hormones, and childbirth. 

She made me realized that we hold a crucial role in our society. Women can be soft, yet, powerful and influential. We have to hold on the truth and promise ourselves that we only accept the best out of best. We cannot allow being walked over by anyone because we know we deserve anything in this world. 

I’ve seen women who stayed in an unhealthy relationship with their partner when I know they could have removed themselves from the situation. I’ve seen women who have masked their happiness throughout the day while crying before bed punishing herself with critiques about their imperfections. I’ve seen women who have gone out of their way to have relationships with men who made them second-guess themselves the next day. 

It breaks my heart to see that some of these women are my closest friends — and that even I sometimes find myself in a similar situation. 

When I think about this, I believe that we allow ourselves to be involved in a situation that does not benefit our mental and physical wellbeing because we do not love ourselves enough to know that we deserve all the most delightful things in the world. We don't believe that anyone could love us in a way that anyone could. We don't believe that we are enough. Some of us even shy away when they see themselves in a situation that made them feel loved, thinking that it is way too good to be true. 

I then remember her face again reminding me that self-love is essential. You deserve all the love that the world could give you. You should never doubt yourself because once you know what you deserve, you began only accepting what you deserve.