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HOT GIRL WALK MEETS COLD GIRL FALL: Your 5 New Favorite Podcasts This Season

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

Hot girl summer? Nope, it’s time for cool girl fall. And this means that now is the perfect opportunity to start listening to some inspirational podcasts to upgrade your mindset, build more confidence, and foster healthy relationships with yourself and others. Grab a rain jacket and your favorite pair of hot girl walk shoes, and let’s go trudge through the Seattle puddles – but while working on ourselves. Also, note that these podcasts are definitely available on Spotify, but I am unsure of what other streaming applications the shows can be found on.  

The podcast of all podcasts in my opinion is “Manifest Daily.” This show is hosted by Dheandra Nicolette, who is based out of Austin, Texas. She gives the tough love that I need to hear. Nicolette also does astrology readings on her podcast about once a month, but if you are not into that, she has a wide variety of topics that you can listen to as well. Her most recent episode from October 14th goes through how to take yourself on solo dates and the mindset that goes with it. In our college years constantly surrounded by people, it is hard to imagine being alone. However, her podcast does a great job of taking the listener on a step-by-step journey of how to overcome internal battles and helping you uncover a more confident, care-free attitude.

One of my favorite influencers at the moment is Eli Rallo, better known as TheJarr on TikTok. I have never been a fan of social media personas, but my one exception is Rallo  She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020, and coming from another prestigious and large, public state school, she is very relatable in her podcast, “Miss Congeniality.” My current go-to episode is “Reclaiming your joy & all the grey spaces” from September 30th, where she walks through what helps her find happiness when she is struggling. Rallo inspired me to make a running list of what sparks joy in my life (which I further encouraged my roommates to do as well). Now, whenever I am anxious or stressed or my thoughts are jumbled, I can look at this list and do something that is guaranteed to bring happiness. As cliche as it may sound, she chats with her audience a bit like an older sister, especially when considering boundaries, open communication in relationships, and dealing with haters.

I discovered “The Lily Pod” last year after wanting to investigate more in a theme from class regarding misogyny and social media today. Host Linneah Shanti explores the intersection between childhood, society, and healing from the implications that come from both. She offers light-hearted commentary but also leaves you thinking about your own biases and experiences. At just 18 minutes, her August 1st episode, “do u need a reset routine or just a hug?” is a great way to uncover the subconscious thoughts you never knew you had. Her focus is on social conditioning and why we act how we do, while pushing for change and questioning everything. She meshes this with pop culture, and how seemingly innocent platforms can turn toxic quickly. Honestly, I would bring a journal or whip out your Notes app for her podcast because you will be thinking for days about her insight.  

“Trying Not to Care” was suggested to me on my for you page a few months ago, and I am so thankful for the TikTok algorithm for that reason. Ashley Corbo offers life advice, coming-of-age stories, and just generally rerouting your energy to things and people that are good for you. She releases a new episode every Monday or so, and each one is extremely thought-provoking. Corbo’s focus is on self-growth and confidence and is the ideal walk-to-class podcast. She offers friendly reminders, a tutorial on how to be a hot girl (hint: it’s confidence), and tells her own stories with anxiety and just existing. My favorite part of her podcast is the assignment she gives every week relevant to the theme, which helps me work on my relationship with myself and how I connect with others. 

Last but most definitely not least is “The Wellness Cafe” with Trinity Tondeleir. Her voice is soothing, but her content is what keeps me coming back. The episode I am currently listening to is “a guide to entering your comeback era,” where she discusses tips for shifting your mindset as the seasons start to change. Her podcast is about lifestyle and health, especially taking care of your emotional well-being in order to allow for more abundance in your life. Similar to Rallo in her outlook and format, her honest dialogue makes me feel comfortable in taking her life advice. Each episode is uniquely catered to what seems to be relevant with her listeners, but the overarching theme is that growth is not linear and you are not alone. Her podcast is perfect for those rainy days inside, with warm coffee and a fuzzy blanket.  

Fall and winter in Seattle can be challenging with the shorter days and gloomy weather, but I hope you get to make the most of these times through self-reflection and personal discovery. These podcasts are simply just suggestions to remind you of your power and to continue improving yourself each and every day. Enjoy!

Maggie is a junior at the University of Washington from San Francisco, California. She is majoring in Public Health - Global Health, and doubling minoring in Data Science and Nutrition. Maggie is a tour guide for UW and the social media coordinator for the Food Pantry. She is super excited to continuing on this project as a writer for Her Campus this year, and be able to share her writing pieces with other like-minded women!