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Sometimes I find myself losing my footing. 

Not only is my head in the clouds, but my entire body too.

However, grounding myself in the middle of a difficult emotional challenge has become easier through the concept of divine timing. 

Maybe someone you confide in has said the phrase “the right things will come at the right time” as a method of encouragement. 

Or maybe you’ve heard the manifestation phrase “whatever is meant for me will come with time.” 

Belief, patience, trust, and the ability to let go are at the core of these common phrases that allude to divine timing. 

You need to truly believe you are going to be okay no matter what life throws at you. This is especially helpful in the middle of a crisis. After going through the depths of your emotions, remind yourself that the situation you’re in will pass. The gift and curse of time is that it never stops; no matter how angry, sad, happy, scared, or confused you may feel, you won’t always feel that way with the same intensity. Through believing and living by this, you’re helping your mind find its peace faster. 

Patience is also extremely important. There may be a point in your life where it’s one bad thing after the other (trust me, I’ve been there). Sometimes divine timing takes a long time to find you. However, by choosing to let go of the things that have hurt you and in their place finding patience with the universe, you are guiding yourself to a happier life. 

Now, I’ll admit I’m not perfect. 

As much as I’d like to be a Zen, all-knowing human being, I make mistakes often. 

Emotions are part of human nature; it’s more than acceptable to allow them to govern your actions because that’s just life. Nonetheless, emotions can become toxic to yourself or others, which is where the belief in divine timing is especially helpful. 

I find a lot of peace in my daily life by believing that the next day will be better.

I used to dwell more heavily on the things that impacted my life negatively. I was in a relentless search with myself to “fix the issue” or figure out how to cope with my emotions instead of letting them be. Since believing in divine timing, I’ve started to learn to accept my feelings for what they are and then move on to (hopefully) greater things. 

My only desire now is that even one reader’s life becomes easier by reading this article.

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Bianca Bucerzan

Washington '25

Bianca Bucerzan is currently a student at the University of Washington's Foster School of Business double majoring in Finance and Marketing. She has always been a writer but will be publishing work for the first time on the HerCampus website. She enjoys traveling, singing and spending time with friends and family.