Feeling Lonely During Quarantine? Here Are Some Socially Distanced Ways That You Can Make New Friends at UW

Making new friends has always been a challenge, and it has only gotten worse ever since this pandemic started. But, fret not! For I have compiled a list of ways you can make new friends while fighting off this pandemic.

1) Join a club (or a couple)

Besides being a great addition to your portfolio, being a part of a club is a fun way to work on your passions, do social work and find people who are into the same things as you are. The best thing about these clubs is that they are online now! There are tons of clubs at UW that you can choose from here, all belonging to different categories and areas of interests. Clubs have openings at different times of the year, so you should check out their socials or get in touch with them for more information. It is likely that you will have to fill out an application and maybe share some work (if you’re interested in applying for a creative position) but don’t worry about not passing the mark because clubs are all about working on your skills and learning from others. A lot of clubs also host socializing events which you can register for, even if you are not a part of the club. And if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always start your own RSO! Greek life is also something that you could consider if you think that it is your cup of tea. Just be sure to keep a look out for recruiting season!

2) Exchange your socials during class

The only way that we can truly interact with other students on a daily basis is through our Zoom lectures. If your class engages in a lot of group activities, you should consider asking your team mates for their socials so that you guys can stay in touch. If your class is small enough, you could make a group chat with everyone on it. This could be a great way to collaborate and get to know each other as friends. You could also form study groups and plan casual online meetings to work and interact with each other.

3) Join Facebook groups 

There are tons of UW groups on Facebook that you can join, including one for your college year. This way, you can be aware of the social events that are being hosted by different clubs. These groups are also a great way to find roommates, especially for incoming freshmen. If you want to switch classes, find internship openings and other other opportunities, Facebook groups are the place to go. Check out this HerCampus article that highlights the different Facebook groups you should join!

4) Try out these social networking apps

KiwiLink is a mobile app made specifically for UW students who are looking to find other students belonging to the same major and/or are taking the same classes as you. KiwiLink lets you send and receive requests from other students before starting a conversation. You can also check out the explore page to find students who aren’t necessarily taking the same classes as you are. I recently downloaded KiwiLink and I think that everybody at UW should too! You should also check out Bumble BFF, but you will have to be on campus if you want to find friends at UW because it gives you recommendations based on your location.

Always remember that just like you, everybody else wants to socialize and make friends too. So, you are not alone! And most importantly, don’t forget to be safe and follow social distancing rules so that we can curb this pandemic and you can hang out with your new friends sooner!