Facebook Groups Every UW Student Should Join

With the University of Washington being such a large school, it’s difficult to find a sense of community. This is especially true during a pandemic. Before I started my college career in Seattle, I discovered something new: UW Facebook Groups. If you’re unaware, a Facebook group is a page on the app dedicated to a specific interest. The intention is to establish a community through meeting new people. There are many Facebook groups catered towards undergraduates and these are the groups every UW student should join. 


UW Teens For Boundless Memes

Is a class frustrating you to no end? Are you stressed about applying to your major? Do you want campus to open back up, especially in time for graduation? You’re definitely not alone. And the best way to deal with the stress of school is through humor. In this group, students create hilarious posts about the different aspects of UW. Meme pages are always great; and a meme page about school creates a real sense of camaraderie. 


University of Washington (UW) Housing, Subleases, Roommates, Apartments

It can be challenging to find somewhere to live near campus, or finding roommates. This Facebook group contains available housing options for UW students. It not only makes the apartment search easier, but you can also find household items for sale. If you’re looking for a place to live in the near future, I would start with this group. With many of these offers based around Seattle, it’s a convenient and simple way to begin your search. 


Overheard at UW

Be careful what you say, we’re all ears. This group is a UW specific version of @overhearduniversity on Instagram. “Overheard” accounts have content submitted by followers. If someone hears you say something amusing, they will submit it for a post. Overheard at UW’s content is what is heard and seen on campus by students. And with Facebook groups, anyone who is a member can post. 


University of Washington

Want to find a place to learn more about the UW community? This group is exclusively for current students, future students, and alumni. The posts reference every aspect of campus: majors, courses, events, Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), jobs, internships and more. It’s also a good resource for networking with fellow students and alumni. With school being online, it can be difficult to find opportunities on and off campus. This Facebook group allows you to access these opportunities in one place. 


Facebook groups are intended to create a community. And with my first year of college being entirely online, these groups make me feel more like a UW student. There are so many UW Facebook groups; if you’re looking for more, or specific interests within UW, just search for them.