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Confessions of a Former Plant Killer: Finding Redemption

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After the death of countless plants, I have spent the last few years opting for five-dollar foliage made out of plastic. No matter what I tried, my plants always seemed to wither away. However, after tons of trial and error, I’ve discovered some foolproof methods for keeping plants alive. These easy suggestions will allow even the busiest and most forgetful college students to keep a plant flourishing. Whether you’re a seasoned plant parent or a complete newbie, these tips will help keep your plants alive and thriving in your college dorm or apartment.

Plants in the bedroom can serve as natural air purifiers, soaking up common pollutants. There is a wide range of benefits that plants can have. Research indicates that they can lead to sharper focus, stress relief, and restful sleep, each of which most college students are in desperate need of. 

One of the biggest game changers that have helped me keep my plants alive is downloading Planta on my phone. I added each of my plants to the app, and it notifies me when it’s time to water, fertilize, mist, clean, and repot them. It also informs me of how much sunlight my plant needs and gives treatment options for withering plants. 


The Plants That I Have Found to be the Easiest to Take Care of Are:

  • Pothos Plants: This is the first plant that I bought. I simply place it under bright indirect light, and despite my occasional neglect, it continues to grow and thrive.
  • Snake Plants: I initially chose this plant because I read that it was extremely difficult to kill. This has worked out great for me because it can go up to two months without being watered. 
  • Monstera Plants: I recently got this plant, but it has been doing exceptionally well with indirect sunlight. The biggest tip with this plant is to make sure you are not overwatering it (only water once every one to two weeks).

As longtime plant enthusiast, my roommate Kaya has lent me some tools that have increased the health of my plants. The items that have given me the most success are:

  • Fertilizer Sticks. These are relatively cheap and help my plants glow and get the necessary nutrients. 
  • Plant Light: I bought a small one of these on Amazon. It was cheap and has helped my plants a ton since my room does not get much light.
  • Plant Misters: These are great for keeping my plants moist without overwatering them. It’s a cheaper purchase compared to investing in a humidifier. 

As a former plant killer, now looking at my fruitful Pothos, I can confidently say that these tips really do work. Good luck planting!

Anjali Schatzer

Washington '25

Anjali is a junior at University of Washington studying informatics. She is passionate about technology and sciences, but enjoys writing as a hobby.