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9 Party Struggles Introverts Know Too Well

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Washington chapter.

1. People assume you’re not having a good time

“Why are you being so quiet??” “You should meet people!!” “Loosen up!” Ah, the common misconception that introversion=antisocial. While your wallflower behavior may make it seem like you’d rather be elsewhere, you are likely absolutely fine. You are taking in the sights and sounds at your own pace.

2. Getting extremely tired of introducing yourself like a broken record

You know that these people won’t remember your name five minutes after meeting you, and surely not by tomorrow morning. Still, you grin and bear through the same interaction over and over. In between interactions, you try to think of conversation topics to bring up to make you seem more interesting because you know that right now, people think you’re “the girl in the corner who thinks she’s too good for the party.”

3. You get drained just watching people shotgun beers and make small talk

After awhile, the excessiveness of it all starts to become taxing on your energy. It feels like you’ve been sprinting and now you have to stop and bend over with hands on your knees to catch your breath. You realize that you, unlike Drake, don’t live for the nights you can’t remember.

4. The bathroom becoming a safe haven

You sit on the toilet fully clothed and listen to the music raging on outside. Some girls burst through the door and the music gets momentarily louder, they stumble into the stall next to you. The vomiting commences, signaling that your seven minutes in heaven are up.

5. Starting a good conversation with someone and trying to drag it out 

Finally! Talking about more than who you know at the party and the classes you’re taking. You feel your battery recharging. At some point the person will end the conversation (to your dismay) to go get turnt EYYYY. It’s a party after all.

6. Thinking about the Harry Potter marathon and cheese platter you could be enjoying with your roomies

You swear you’re the loudest one in your apartment, especially when it’s wine and cheese night. You realize that you’re the life of the party, just not every party.   

7. Trying to figure out how to leave early without offending your date

You try to convince him that you’ve been having a good time so he doesn’t feel bad, but you can’t help but feel like a lame date for leaving sober. You know you’d be an even lamer date if you stayed. You would become one with that couch in the corner. You come up with an excuse that sounds something like this…

8. Curiously and enviously watching that girl twerking on the dance floor 
At first you’re mesmerized by the way she moves. How is it even possible? You’re pretty sure you couldn’t do that in the middle of a circle of people even if your body could function like that. Then your eyes glaze over as you get lost in your thoughts about why twerking is even a thing and American entertainment culture. Someone taps you on the shoulder to make sure you’re okay.

9. Stepping out for fresh air and calling that person who knows you really well 

She comes to pick you up with Thai food take-out and some flip flops for your aching feet. The radio plays as freeway lights blur past you. You feel at peace knowing you don’t have to explain your silence. 

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Erin Lee

Washington '17

I guess the format goes something like year, major, clubs...but I don't really think those things are integral to defining who I am. What really defines me is a loaded question, so I'll just throw out some things that come to mind: 1. I'm one of those social introverts. I much prefer small group and one-on-one interactions, but I can deal with large mixers. So long as I have a mixed drink in hand. 2. I am proud to live in the PNW. I mean, make fun of Socality posts all you want (I do), but we have trees. We have mountains. Water (both swimmable and drinkable, California). All four seasons. And diversity. Diverse cultures. This means more history. More food. More languages.  3. I thrive on intelligent conversation. I don't mean that in a pretentious way. I just mean that I lack the patience for small talk or shallow conversations. I value honesty to the point where it's a bit abrasive--I want to know what makes you tick. We can discuss favorite colors later. Intelligent conversation also means creating a space for listening and learning in the face of disagreement.  4. I'm definitely into the arts more than athletics. Not saying I am artistically skilled, more like artistically inclined. I find beauty in art of all media. But especially, especially music. What am I currently listening to? The OST for Whiplash. So, Big Band Jazz! All the thumbs up.   Okay I'll stop here because this was supposed to be short. But yes, I am in college. I go to the University of Washington and I'm pursuing a business marketing degree.