8 Cafes to Study on The Ave

Turkey season is upon us, which unfortunately means that midterm season is as well and finals are right around the corner.

But are you tired of Ode like me? I basically lived in Ode my first year here. My friends and I constantly had a room reserved so we could go there in between classes. If we planned on pulling an all nighter, we would go fully prepared in our lounge outfits and a comfy blanket. And don't get me started on all the Chipotle, Jimmy John's, and Ezell's deliveries. First year was tough.

Ode is infamous for always being packed, especially around finals time, and to be honest, it's just a depressing place to be around sometimes. So amidst the grey skies and rain, here are some cafes on The Ave to study at to get that 4.0 and soak up Seattle hipster vibes at the same time.


1. Slate Coffee Roasters

White walls and hipster vibes—the epitome of coffeeshops in Seattle. If you're looking for a quiet place to study, this is the place for you. Located on 45th past the former American Apparel, Slate Coffee Roasters is the perfect cafe to go to when you need a clear mind to read textbooks and take notes for lecture. Its white walls provide a "fresh" feeling, making you feel renewed and like you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. They have two stories and a lot of space so you never feel cramped and there's a ton of natural lighting through their window walls so if you get tired of studying, you can take that perfect Instagram worthy picture. The baristas have chill vibes, balancing out the stress that UW gives us all. Try their Golden Milk out for the ultimate hipster experience.

2. Tea Republik

Not into coffee? Check out Tea Republik! This is a common study space for UW students due to its quiet ambiance. The space fills up fast, so make sure to get here early. If you order a hot drink, they will bring it out to you in a teapot and give you teacups, because, you know, aesthetics. One of their most popular drinks is their Lavender Earl Grey—it definitely warms up the soul. Even the baristas have very soothing voices, which just makes you want to stay and soak in the vibes and hopefully relieve the stress of exams. They also have cute notebooks for you to make your mark in!

3. Citra

Not many people know about this hidden gem. Citra is a cute little shop owned by a cute Korean lady. They're known for their Pakbingsu, which is Korean shaved ice, topped with mochi and different flavored froyo. But besides their sweet desserts, since not a lot of people know about this place, it's one of the best places to study if you need a place where you won't run into anyone you know. If you want a break from studying, ask the owner for a bottle cap to draw on and drop it in the container by the cashier before you leave so she can glue it on the wall.

4. Post Alley Cafe

Connected to the DECA Hotel, Post Alley Cafe is the place to go to brighten your day. They have delicious sandwich melts and classic coffees to soothe your soul. One of the best corners to study is their window sofa right underneath the neon Post Alley Cafe sign. Their white and yellow colors provides some much-needed sunshine and a nice change from our grey skies. Post Alley Cafe also has large glass walls to allow natural light to filter in. This is definitely a place to check out if you're looking for a cozy place to study!

5. Ugly Mug Cafe & Coffee Roasters

The word Ugly is in their name, but this cafe is nothing but cute. Their atmosphere gives you a very home-y vibe, perfect for this season. If you don't want to study at home because you're afraid your bed will be calling your name, this is the place for you. It reminds you of home with a big fireplace, but no bed for you to fall asleep on. Be sure to order their cinnamon apple cider and grilled cheese to treat yourself for studying so hard.

6. Cafe on the Ave

Literally a cafe on the ave, this cafe has been around for a long time. It was nicely renovated earlier this year and now the space is more open than it was before. There are a bunch of tables and outlets, making it one of the best places to study on the ave either alone or with friends. There is even a patio for outside seating if that's what you're in to. This place is definitely a classic when it comes to avoiding Ode during exam season. They have some of the best rice and flavor-packed pasta dishes that come in skillets for that Seattle hipster feeling.

7. Kiki Cafe & Teahouse

Kiki's is a cute Taiwanese inspired bakery full of bread, bubble tea, and rice dishes. It is a new shop located on 47th street with a quiet atmosphere. If you're feeling like eating some Taiwanese hot dog stuffed bread (so not Sarah Lee sliced bread), come check this place out! They also have macaron ice cream sandwiches for a sweet treat. But besides their food, this is a great place to study due to its light environment and isolated location.

8. Starbucks

There are two Starbucks on The Ave (in Seattle, you can never have too many Starbucks) and both are great places to study. It's an unspoken rule to be mindful of others and relatively quiet at Starbucks since so many students study there. Starbucks is always coming out with creative drinks to try during any season. The Starbucks on 42nd is quite spacious, which is good so you're in an environment surrounded people so you won't go crazy, but it also has a lot of people traffic going in and out, increasing chances of distraction. The Starbucks on 47th is smaller, which might get stuffy, but definitely a cozy place to study.

Sometimes it's just nice to have a change of environment so try out these cafes and #beboundless.

Good luck on exams, everyone!