3 Reasons for Subscribing to Email Newsletters

When it comes to emails, there are three types of people. There's the person who checks all of their emails, eliminating the glaring red notification number on the "mail" app. Or there is the person who only opens important emails, letting their red number climb higher and higher (please, no). Lastly, there is the person who just never opens their email, they don't know their password, their email account is just for their Netflix subscription. 

Whichever type of email user you are, as a college student, you should heavily consider starting to subscribe to newsletters from organizations that are important to you.

Over the last year, I have quickly realized the benefits of this practice (and don't worry, it usually takes less than 30 seconds to subscribe).

Here are the three most important reasons for actually opening your email account and reading through your subscriptions:

  1. 1. Get off your computer and engage with the community

    Yes, the social media age is upon us, so we might as well take advantage of it. With our heads burried in our phones and computers 90% of the time (or more, you know who you are), it is getting more and more important to find ways to engage with the people around us. So why not use your technology to find those opportunities? Many newsletters and email list subscriptions connect you to local events or help establish an online community that provides you with (free!) information about the world around you. These email lists can be anything from up-coming concerts at your favorite local venues, academic talks on campuses near you, or free events in your community (farmer's markets, yay!).

  2. 2. Weekly inspo sent right to your inbox

    Other email lists can provide you with the inspiration you have been missing in your life. Often I forget that I have subscribed to an individual or group that I aspire to join, but a few days later their email pops up on my notifications and inspires me to continue working toward my goals. There are even email lists specifically dedicated towards sending you inspirational messages. If you find yourself looking for a simple reason to keep going, finding the right mailing list just might inspire you to do just that. Browse your favorite topics and find one that will pick you up when your motivation is lacking during week nine.

  3. 3. Career and internship recruitment galore! 

    This is the last and most important reason to find a few email lists to subscribe to right now! Many of your favorite organizations are dedicated to improving and expanding their field. This means letting people know when there are positions available. Mailing lists often get first news of these opportunities. Signing up for an email subscription shows your interest in that organization and allows you to not only expand your knowledge of what they are doing but also allows you to be more in tune with what opportuntities they have available in terms of internships, careers, networking events, and professional development. If you are sick of searching for internship and job availabilities, sign up for some email subscriptions and let them come to you.

As a college student, you are unfortunately at an age when checking your email should be a regular part of your day. However, that doesn't mean it has to be a boring and tedious task. Sign up to read something you actually care about. Make your emails something you look forward to, or at least tolerate (and please don't let those notifications stack up, we love organization all 2019).