Wellness Day Activities

With our final wellness day of the semester approaching, it is essential to take that time to destress and enjoy yourself. April 11 is the only designated day left in the semester to take a break from our constant workload. Therefore, I made a list of activities you can do on your wellness day to make the most of it.

1. Go hiking – Castlewood is the most popular option and probably won’t be too busy on a Monday. I also have been to Lone Elk Trail, which is less strenuous, but you can see elk and other wildlife.

2. Go to the arch – I have not been to the arch yet, but I think it is an iconic St. Louis place to visit. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could take the cramped elevator up to the top.

3. Have a picnic on Art Hill – If it’s a nice day, you should spend as much of it outside as possible. Whether you grab food on-campus or off-campus, walking over to Forest Park and sitting by the art museum would make for an enjoyable activity.

4. Go to the zoo – This makes for a cost-effective wellness activity. The St. Louis Zoo hosts a great variety of animals and is free to visit.

5. Baking – This activity requires a trip to the grocery store and the availability of pans and a kitchen. I recommend going to Pinterest to browse different recipes based on difficulty and type of food.

6. Try a new brunch place – Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I love going out to find new eats. You could try City Coffee & Creperie, Half & Half, Colleen’s, or Meshuggah Café.

7. Read a book – If you enjoy leisure reading, you should dedicate some time to diving into a new book. I am sure most of us are tired of academic readings and textbooks, so this could make for a nice change. You can visit Subterranean Books on the Loop to find one you like.

8. Go skiing – While I have never been skiing, it seemed like a popular activity on our last wellness days. The most common place people went to was the Hidden Valley Ski Resort, which is about 35 minutes away from campus.

9. Visit Union Station – I went to Union Station in downtown St. Louis last semester, and it is a fun spot to hang out. You can ride the Ferris wheel, walk through the aquarium, or eat at one of the restaurants there.

10. Go to the botanical gardens – I also went to the botanical gardens in the fall, but I think it would be beautiful around this time as spring flowers begin to bloom. It is an excellent place for photo opportunities or just nature walks.

11. Get vaccinated – On April 9, everyone will be eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine in Missouri. The wellness day could be an excellent opportunity to devote some time to hunting down a vaccine for yourself.

12. Have a movie marathon – If you have a television or a projector, you could dedicate the day to watching your favorite movies with friends. Watching movies is a more chill wellness activity, but you could make it more extra by having fun movie snacks.