Tips for Picking Classes

It snuck up on us again! It is time to pick classes for next semester, and as we all know it can be extremely difficult to narrow down all the options. There are only so many semesters in your college career, so it’s easy to feel the pressure to pick your perfect set of classes. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you optimize your schedule!


Ask your friends

This may seem obvious but it’s great to get advice from friends who have already taken a course. They’ll be happy to share their experiences with you.


Know your biological clock

By now you should know if you are a morning person or not. Don’t go scheduling classes at 8:30 if it means you’ll be skipping more often than attending


Remember requirements

Don’t let these bad boys sneak up on you senior year! Look at what IQ requirements you haven’t done yet and try to get some out of the way.



Try new things! Make sure you read through a lot of different classes so you don’t miss out on something really interesting.