Revitalizing Yourself on a Budget

Hello Ladies & Gents, and welcome back to this weeks HerCampus entry- the winter edition. 


The St. Louis cold (and this is coming from a New Englander) is incredibly taxing, both mentally and physically. Winter dries out your skin, your nail beds, and some days your will to live. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up to revitalize your spirit, but I’ve found being on a college budget makes this difficult. Unfortunately (let’s all take a moment to mourn) you can’t always have your nails done and glowing summer tan) So here’s a few smaller scale, and cheaper, ways to invest in yourself this winter. 


  1. Reapply Chapstick. Constantly. All the time. 24/7

  2. Buy a face mask! Face masks are super cheap at CVS and always make for a fun night in with your friends. 

  3. Buy a heating pad. I cannot emphasize enough how great a heating pad feels on the back of your neck or feet when you’re curled up in bed doing all your readings for class. 

  4. Drink a LOT of water. Of course this isn’t exclusive to winter, but winter is an especially vulnerable time when it comes to getting sick. I find that adding those small electrolyte packs to your water makes it a lot easier to get through those 64 oz a day. 

  5. Buy a matching pajama set from target. Just do it. Maybe make them holiday themed, but that’s just a suggestion.