PowerPoint Night Ideas

One of my favorite COVID-safe activities is to do a PowerPoint night with your friends. I did two of these during quarantine – one where you presented your own PowerPoint and one where someone else had to present for you. I always struggled to come up with the perfect theme, so I brainstormed a list of ideas for your next PowerPoint night.

1. Your friends as Disney characters

2. Your friends as dog breeds

3. Your friends’ celebrity lookalikes

4. What decade each of your friends would fit in with

5. What reality tv show each friend belongs to

6. “Dance Moms” pyramid of the friend group

7. Your friends as Taylor Swift phases

8. What you would do if you were in your friends’ bodies for a day

9. How each friend would lose in the Hunger Games

10. What each friend would be named if not their current name

11. The color of school subjects

12. People who are the same age but shouldn’t be

13. Everyone as Girl Scout cookies

14. Your friends as random pictures from your camera roll

15. What you would do if you won the lottery

Many of my ideas were inspired by Tik Tok, so I recommend going there for more content!