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Before leaving my apartment, I always make sure I have three things with me: my phone, my keys, and my water bottle. I’ve gone through quite a few water bottles over the years, so here are some of my tips for finding the right one for you!

  1. Size. The size of your water bottle is probably the most crucial factor when deciding. I used to use a 24 oz bottle but drank so much water that I had to refill it every hour or two. I’ve been using 40 oz since then, but there are some cons, like how it doesn’t fit in the cup holder in my car. Consider how much water you usually drink and how often you’re near water fountains.
  2. Color! I’m a big fan of pastels and neutrals, but super vibrant colors can also be fun! I currently have a white water bottle and love it because it goes with everything, and I can customize it as much as I want with stickers.
  3. Materials. There are many options, from metal and glass to silicone and plastic. If you’re clumsy, you may want a water bottle that won’t dent. You can also consider what the inside of the water bottle is like—for a long time, I avoided buying water bottles with straws because I knew they’d be harder to clean.
  4. Special features. Being in college, I always check that a water bottle is leakproof before I buy it. Sometimes I like to throw it in my bag, and I don’t want to worry about it spilling all over my laptop. Some people want a water bottle that keeps water super cold or super hot, or both. Others may want one that’s easy to travel with or take on runs. It’s all up to you and when you’ll be using it most!
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